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Real-time trade alerts, a community of like-minded, motivated traders and the tools and education you need to succeed.

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We work hard to ensure each of our members achieves their trading goals. Here is some of what Trading With Trends offers. We’re always improving and adding more features.

Zoom Call

Weekly Zoom call

Trade Reviews and Setups

A weekly zoom call to discuss the past trading week, current market conditions, what to look for next week, trade setups and a questions and answer portion. In depth analysis of the S&P 500, NASDAQ and the most popular blue-chip trading stocks (TSLA, ROKU, AAPL, NFLX, BA, etc). 

Live Trade Alerts

Real-Time Entries and Exits

You’ll see every trade Andrew and the rest of the team make, live on your desktop or mobile phone. Alerts on entries, exits, strike prices and expiry. Scalps, day trades, swings and longer positions are all included in real-time. 

Community Chat

Learn, Grow And Share

Review charts, talk technical analysis and discover even more trade ideas as part of our active chat community (Slack). Pre-market, after-hours, daily recaps and morning prep. We do the homework for you! 

monthly newsletter

Macro Outlook and Trends

We review the past month and share what we’re looking for over the coming months. Trends, indicators and a macro look at the economy. Zooming out and looking at bigger events that can effect the market. 


education Docs

How To Be A Better Trader

Learn how to use options to make money whether stocks go up or down. How we determine the strength of a trade, sizing positions, risk management, techinical anaylysis, support and resistance and trendlines. Understanding and manging your emotions when it comes to greed, fear, hope and regret. 

Customer Support

Customer support

We Succeed When you Do

Our team is always available to answer your questions. Whether it’s one on one training or help managing your subscription, we’re here to help. 

“The weekly conference call and monthly newsletter are full services on their own. The trade setups and real-time alerts truly make Trading With Trends one of the best communities available.”  – Amy W 

3 Day Risk Free Trial


We have the singular goal of building the best community for profitable and motivated traders offering an all-in-one trading service. Our team does all the homework for you. Daily/Weekly/Monthly reviews and summaries along with real-time trade alerts to help make you more money. 


Everyday You get

Morning Prep and Daily Summary

Start the trading day off right. Pre-market movers, review of the overnight market, news and earnings. Set up your watchlist and prepare for success. At the end of the day we’ll cover after-hours trading, provide a market recap and what to look for the next day.

Typical Day


Conference Call and Trade Setups

We hold our weekly zoom call on Sunday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. This is one of the most valuable offerings in our service. On the call we cover the top setups for the coming week, psychology, risk management, and have a live Q & A with our lead trader, Andrew.


Monthly Newsletter

Newsletter and A Look At the Economic Picture

Released on the first Sunday of the month. We cover all of our successes and failures from the previous month as we strive to constantly improve. We help you understand the Macro trends that can effect the market. We feature upcoming economic events and the biggest earnings releases. We give you everything you need to prepare for the upcoming month. 

We Give You The Tools You Need to Be Profitable In Any Market

Take your trading to the next level. Change your life. Make more money.

Why Choose Us

  • Simply the best all-in-one trading and investment service available;
  • We are honest and transparent, sharing the results of our trades;
  • We understand that trading is as much about psychology as it is about technicals and fundamentals. Being part of a winning community will make you a better and more profitable trader;
  • Take the noise out of the market and start Trading With Trends.

Who is this service for

  • Motivated and goal oriented traders who are looking to make money whether the market is moving up or down;
  • Traders looking to learn the techniques used by professional traders to consistently make money;
  • Anyone looking to improve their technical analysis;
  • Struggling traders who are battling common mistakes such as over-trading, lack of macro market understanding, misuse of technical analysis or poor risk management;
  • Traders who suffer from FOMO and struggle managing their hope, fear, greed and regret.
  • Both new and experienced traders will benefit from being part of our trading community. 

Real-time trade alerts, upfront profit and loss results, a weekly conference call with professional traders and a monthly newsletter. There is no better all-in-one service available. 

3 Day Risk Free Trial

Weekly Results

A list of all our trades and results. We are all about transparency. Every trade we make isn’t perfect, and we’re always looking for ways to improve but our performance speaks for itself. Have a look.

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"Trading With Trends changed how I see the markets and approach my trading. By limiting my mistakes, I ensure I make more money."

- Ali S

"Andrew and the team are awesome. The money I've made on their #TradeAlerts have covered the membership fees 10,000x over."

- Josh W

"Being part of the Trading With Trends community and chat group has made me a better and more profitable trader. Period. Thank you."

- Michelle S


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